Meet Dr. Aileen Kim

Aileen Kim, MD

Aileen Kim MD is a radiation oncologist joining CPRCC after completing her training at the University of Washington Medical Center. She is experienced in all aspects of radiation oncology including modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), and LDR/HDR brachytherapy for prostate and gynecologic malignancies.

Dr. Kim attended the College of William and Mary and then Duke University School of Medicine. After pursuing her internship at Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar Washington Hospital Center, she completed radiation oncology residency at the University of Washington Medical Center. In her final year, she was selected as chief resident.

Her mission as a radiation oncologist is to improve survivorship and quality of life for patients with cancer. This has led her to be involved in incident learning and quality improvement initiatives. During her training, she has been an active member of safety meetings at the radiation oncology department and served as a board member of the Quality and Safety Committee. She has conducted and published research studies on incident learning, where she analyzed many near-miss events and incidents. She was awarded the American College of Radiation Oncology Resident Educational Grant for using incident/near-miss reports to teach radiation physics concepts in clinical contexts and enhance problem-solving skills in day-to-day operations of treatment design and delivery. She is a firm believer of non-blaming culture, enhancing staff communication, and developing trusting relationships and coordination with caregivers and providers to deliver high-quality care for patients.

Dr. Kim will be joining Drs. Boris Naydich, Kathleen Settle, and Beant Gill at the Waldorf, MD and Charlotte Hall, MD locations. She continues to treat all malignancies with a specialized interest in breast, head and neck, lymphoma and gynecologic malignancies.